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Modwall Pistol  Hangers

Firearm Concealment

Modwall Pistol Hangers are great for displaying your favorite pistol(s). Our hangers come in single or double stack, along with multiple facing options.

Modwall Pistol Hangers are shaped like standard pistol magazine on which your pistol will hang. They come as single or double stack for whatever your pistols need.

You can also choose from our different facing options. “Right Facing” means that once the pistol is hanging the barrel will point right. Likewise, for “Left Facing” the barrel will point left when on the hanger. “Dual Facing” will allow you to hang two pistols with one attachment; one facing left and the other facing right.

HDPE plastics that are durable enough to hold your gear, but soft enough to protect your finishes.

Modwall Pistol Hangers

ModWall products can be purchased direct from Eastside Garage Outfitters or you can purchase from Tactical Walls, LLC. and have Eastside Garage Outfitters install them to manufacturer specs.

Eastside Garage Outfitters is an authorized stocking reseller for Tactical Walls.  We carry the Patriot and Nine-gun in stock. Ask us about the newly released Nano X.

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