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GarageSmart single bike motorized lifterTechnological Conveniences for the Modern Garage


Eastside Garage Outfitters recommends and installs a variety of lifting solutions from GarageSmart that include motorized lifters for shelves and bins, bikes, kayaks, canoes, truck shells, heavy equipment, camping gear, sports equipment, and even backup generators. 

Depending on the unit, GarageSmart lifters can support weight from 200 to 400 lbs.  Single bike and multi-bike lifters are available.

GarageSmart products are excellent solutions for getting the clutter of the garage floor. 

GarageSmart also offers a variety of GarageTools that include a ceiling-mounted retractable electric extension cord called The Power Drop, as well as directional spotlights and speakers for enhancing your upgraded garage / man cave.


Garage Smart - Air Drop

Keep tires and balls from falling flat with Air Drop, a wirelessly controlled air inflator with a 25 foot spring-loaded retractable air hose that mounts to the ceiling.  You can set target air pressures in the app and the Air Drop will automatically turn off when the target pressure is reached.

You can also use the app to save various preset target pressures to make topping off items you use on a regular basis, such a car tires, balls, and bike tires quick and easy.  Commonly used accessories such as inflating needles and valve adapters are included with each Air Drop.



You can safely store items overhead with Garage Smart’s motorized Basic Lifter.  With Basic Lifter you can hoist baby strollers, sports gear, and other items up and out of the way to maximize your garage space. The Basic Lifter includes wireless control via smartphone or tablet (compatible with iOS and Android) and speed control. Max capacity is 100 lbs.



Garage Smart - Hard Top Lifter

GarageSmart’s Hard Top Lifter is the smartest, safest, Bluetooth-enabled hoist for heavy and awkward hardtops. This lifter makes removing your vehicle’s hardtop quick and easy. The Hard Top Lifter is ideal for freeing up much needed garage space by providing safe overhead storage for your hardtop.  You can easily control speed, set stopping points, and monitor weight capacity when using the smartphone app to keep your hardtop and anything underneath it safe.

To see which vehicles the Hard Top Lifter is compatible with, check out SmartGarage’s Hard Top Lifter fit guide.


The GarageSmart motorized Multi-Bike Lifter is one of the smartest, safest, Bluetooth-enabled storage solutions available for multiple bikes. With weight sensing (190 lb. max)  and overload protection, variable speed control, and smart high and low points, you can finally have us install a solution that makes it easy to lift and store your bikes.  Keep your bikes and cars from getting damaged by getting your bikes out of the way. The Multi-Bike Lifter automatically raises and lowers your bikes with smart high and low points.


Garage Smart - Platform Lifter

The GarageSmart Platform Lifter is offered in various sizes depending on your available space and needs. These lifters re the smartest overhead storage solution available for helping to organize and declutter your garage. You can safely and easily store whatever you want, from storage bins and outdoor gear to holiday decorations, all without the hassle and danger of a ladder. The Bluetooth app allows you to control speed, set automatic “smart” high and low stopping points, and monitor weight in the smartphone app to keep you and your items safe.  This is a great tool for lifting and lowering heavy items into and out of your truck bed.  Net Weight Lifting Capacity: 320 lbs (4’x8′), 340 lbs (4’x6′), 360 lbs (4’x4′).



Garage Smart Sound Drop

Sound Drop is a Bluetooth speaker with a built-in microphone that enables you to receive phone calls, listen to music, and more – all from your smart garage. The Sound Drop requires a Power Adapter to work (sold separately). If you have already installed a Garage Smart lifting product, you won’t need to purchase a separate Power Adapter.  SoundDrop can either be installed on existing Smart Track (sold separately) with included track mount or directly onto ceiling with included mounting screws.


Garage Smart Tool Rack



Garage Smart - Universal Lifter

The SmartGarage Universal Lifter is designed to lift anything you can wrap straps around, The Universal Lifter is the perfect solution for storing large items out of the way. Powered by the MyLifter, the Universal can lift up to 100 lbs including the lifting accessory. The MyLifter uses Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone, giving you complete control over your storage.

The Universal Lifter features a durable steel lifting frame, ensuring the Universal Lifter can handle even the heaviest loads. The adjustable heavy-duty straps provide additional support and security, ensuring that your items remain safe and secure. 


Garage Smart - Universal XL Lifter

Similar to the SmartGarage Universal Lifter but extra-long, the Universal XL lifter is also designed to lift anything you can wrap straps around, up to 100 lbs.


Garage Smart- Power Adapter

SmartGarage’s Power Adapter was carefully designed to help you daisy chain Garage Smart products. Protected by a 12 amp breaker, the 110v AC power outlet is compatible with Garage Smart’s AC products (including additional power adapters). The 12v DC power outlet is compatible with Garage Smart’s DC products and has a smart current limit that shuts off DC output if too many devices are plugged in. The unit displays wattage capacity feedback through the dynamic LED strip.

The Power Adapter comes with a 3 foot power cable, 2 DC cable input/output jacks, and is included with each SmartGarage storage solution.



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