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ModWall Nano X

Firearm Rack

The ultimate Nano package for your rifles and shotguns for any wall space, now combined with the popular Horizontal Racks!.

Made of US sourced HDPE plastic, ModWall is the perfect way to cleanly organize and display your firearms and gear.

Available in a variety of packages and custom configurations to accommodate your specific needs for your displaying your rifles, shotguns, pistols, and gear.

Nano X includes:

  • Instructions
  • 6 pairs of Horizontal Rifle/Shotgun Racks
  • 4 pairs of Horizontal Rail Racks
  • 20 MW Nano Mounts.
  • 40 Drywall screws (per Mount)
  • 40 Drywall screw anchors (per Mount)
ModWall Nano X for Firearms

ModWall products can be purchased direct from Eastside Garage Outfitters or you can purchase from Tactical Walls, LLC. and have Eastside Garage Outfitters install them to manufacturer specs.

Eastside Garage Outfitters is an authorized stocking reseller for Tactical Walls.  We carry the Patriot and Nine-gun in stock. Ask us about the newly released Nano X.

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