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ModWalls for Fireams

Hidden Gun Storage for Rifles, Shotguns, Pistols, Ammo, and Gear

Eastside Garage Outfitters is a licensed dealer and installer for Tactical Walls, LLC., a leading manufacturer of discreet firearms concealment solutions for the home, office, and garage since 2013. 

Designed for people who take home defense seriously, ModWall is the perfect choice for cleanly organizing, displaying, and concealing your prized firearms and gear. Safely store your rifles, shotguns, and pistols out of sight while maintaining quick access. ModWalls provide peace of mind when it comes to knowing that you’re prepared to protect your family and property.

A variety of options and configurations are available for just about every need. Weapons concealment solutions are also available for inside closets, store rooms, and safe rooms. Below you’ll find some popular configurations of ModWall products that may work best for your own home defense plan.

Mounting and storage solutions are adaptable for all popular types of firearms, including AR’s, AK’s, .22, .223, .25. .38, .40, .45, 9mm, 5.56mm, 7.62mm, 12 gauge to 20 gauge, 410 bore and more.

Additional options include shelves, hangars, hooks, and racks which are ideal for ammo, magazines, and gear such as tactical vests, belts, knives, holsters, scopes, helmets, ear protection.

ModWall Light Shelf for concealed firearms displays

Nine Gun Combo Pack

Tactical Modwall 9-gun Pack for firearms

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ModWall Patriot Pack

Tactical Modwall Patriot Pack for Firearms

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Modwall Pistol Hangers

Modwall Pistol Hangers

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VMod Package

VMod Package firearm mount for Jeep and Toyota

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ModWall products can be purchased direct from Eastside Garage Outfitters or you can purchase from Tactical Walls, LLC. and have Eastside Garage Outfitters install them to manufacturer specs.

Eastside Garage Outfitters is an authorized stocking reseller for Tactical Walls.  We carry the Patriot and Nine-gun in stock. Ask us about the newly released Nano X.

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